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Building  a Deck

Building a new deck can be very exciting, and there is no reason to over-complicate it. However, there are a few very important things that you need make sure you do when applying for a building permit to make your vision a reality. 


Step 1: Completely Fill Out a Building Permit Application

It's very important that you thoroughly fill out your Building Permit Application. Anything that is unclear or under-explained is grounds for rejection of your application. Here's how to make sure you are totally compliant with all Application Standards...

  1. In the "Property Location" section don't worry about the "Zoning District" line unless you know that you specifically need to utilize it. Focus on completely filling out the contact and location information above. 

  2. In the "Type of Construction" section, you need to fill out everything. Ensure that you check the "Type of Improvement" and indicate the square footage along with the total cost of the project.  Also make certain to give a clear description of you project in the "Project Description" section. Note things like how high off of the ground it will be, whether it will have things like railings, benches, or staircases etc.

  3. You only need to fill out the "Identification" section, if you are using a contractor, but if you are it is absolutely vital that you include all of their information in that section. 

  4. The last section is for official use only so don't worry about it. 

Step 2: Submit a Detailed Drawing of Your Construction Plans, an Approved Code Checklist, and a One Paragraph Description of  Your Project

For your project to be approved, it is essential that you submit a detailed drawing of your plans to build a deck that includes all of the elements that are indicated on our Deck Guide Checklist that is available below. You will also need to include a completed copy of our checklist that indicates that you've included all of the required elements in your sketch along with a very detailed, one paragraph description of your project. Any lack of clarity in one  or more of the above documents can result in delays and even rejection of your project. 

Please download and fully comply with the below guide...

ACSI Deck Guide 2020_Page_2.jpg

Step 3: Submit ALL of Your Completed Documents to Your Local Municipalities

Please make sure to double check and turn in all of the required documents to your municipality. Every one of them is essential and omitting any one of them will result in a rejection of your application. The required documents are as follows...

  1.  Completed Approved Code Services Checklist (See Below) 

  2. Corresponding drawing of construction plans including any and all necessary elements indicated by the Checklist 

  3. One paragraph description of your project (including any special considerations that may apply) 

  4. Completed Building Permit Application 

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