Approved Code Services aims to make building codes work for you. We help municipalities, builders, design professionals and homeowners successfully understand, apply, and navigate building code requirements and processes. Our expert services will help guide you and your project plans through each step of the compliance process so you can complete each inspection requirement as quickly as possible.

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“Approved Code Services was instrumental in assisting us with our local and state level codes approval. Irv and his staff were there for us through every step of the process and assisted in all aspects of the engagement from application to on site inspections. We thank Approved Code Services for their time, commitment, dedication and assistance with our project.”

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“I have the utmost appreciation for the consistent efforts made by the scheduling team. As we all know, the industry is busier than ever, myself and my team can always count on Approved Code to perform and schedule our needs in a timely fashion.”

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Well-known and trusted throughout Pennsylvania, our Approved Code Services team Construction Code Officials and ICC Master Code Professionals has many years of experience serving municipalities, builders, design professionals and homeowners. Our team is fully certified in every area of the Pennsylvania Building Code.

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Get started today by calling our knowledgeable and friendly Service Specialists who can assist with all aspects of the Pennsylvania building code process, from applying for a building permit to scheduling an inspection.


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