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Who We Are

Approved Code Services is a well recognized and trusted PA-UCC Certified Third Party Agency. We offer Third Party Commercial and Residential Plan Reviews, Inspections Services, Building Code Consulting, and Municipal Services throughout the state of Pennsylvania to make the building codes work for you. We serve many of the top builders, design professionals, and municipalities along with numerous home owners in the South Central Pennsylvania Area. Additionally, we now serve the rest of PA with our all new service, Mail Order Plan Review, an online, or mail in service that allow our customers to utilize our Third Party Plan Reviews either far away, or on a tight schedule.


Our Goal...

is to help you navigate and properly apply the PA UCC Building Codes, and guide you through the Plan Reviews, Building Inspections, and Code Compliancy that can mean the difference between a successful project, or months of hang-ups. We aspire to be a Third Party that not only provides code enforcement, but that proactively meets its clients needs. 

What We Offer

Our in-house team holds certifications in Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy, Accessibility, and Fire Protection for both residential and commercial construction for the state of Pennsylvania. This means that we can provide Third Party Commercial and Residential Plan Reviews, Building Inspections, Code Consulting and Municipality Services to you no matter what kind of project you’re working on.


One of the best things about what Approved Code offers is our amazing team of Service Specialists. They can assist you with absolutely anything you need: applying for a building permit, submitting commercial or residential Plan Review applications, scheduling inspections, connecting you with our qualified team of code compliance consultants, helping you to decide between our standard and Expedited Services, and much more – our office staff can help you with all aspects of the Pennsylvania Building Code.


Approved Code Services offers flexible solutions for all of your PA Building Code needs. With both our Expedited Plan Reviews, and our Mail Order Plan Reviews, no matter where you are in the state of Pennsylvania, or when you need a Third Party Plan Review done, we can accommodate you. Our Inspection Services are attached to our friendly and highly effective Service Specialists that can connect you to our Inspection Team quickly and efficiently. We won’t keep you waiting around for a Building Inspection. Whether you choose our extremely fast standard turnaround times, or our even faster Expedited ServicesCode Compliance Consulting is simple with our team. If you have a question, we either have an answer or can get one. At Approved Code Services we believe that there’s never been a problem invented without a matching solution.

CALL US TODAY for Third Party Plan Reviews, Inspection Services, Building Code Support, and Municipal Services throughout PA. We’re happy to help.

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